UC Credit Worthy Certification

Certified Konsult has the good credit rating at UC & is certified as a Credit Worthy company. 

What does this stand for ?

It indicates that  Certified Konsult is a safe and solid partner to do business with. The credit rating is based on UC Risk Företag, which is the market’s safest model for credit assessment.
Even though being a young company, this certification is a true example to differentiate us from rest of our competitors in the space of consulting & recruitment to truly tell why our Customers, Employees & B2B Consultants would like to continue working with us.

UC Risk Company

The credit rating system UC Risk Företag produces information about whether a company is creditworthy. UC Risk Companies is updated daily and the system calculates the risk of a company going bankrupt within a year, which means that you are not creditworthy. By insolvency, UC means a situation where the company can not fulfill all its payment obligations. In order to be able to easily assess whether this risk is high or low for a company, all Swedish companies are classified in different Risk Classes 

Risk class 

The company is judged to be creditworthy with a max credit rating score of 99.26% of continued viability.

UC Credit Worthy Certification