Contract to hire staffing service

Certified Konsult hires the employee who is placed in a short-term position for a set period of time for the organisation. A contract-to-hire employee is technically employed by Certified Konsult but is under contract to work for the client company. 

It is an effective approach as it provides the leverage of hiring the candidate after their temporary or contract staffing period is over. The organization can test the candidate’s fit, core skill competence & soft skills and then take a call about filling the position on a permanent basis.

  • Avoids risk of bad hires
  • Cuts down training costs, severance pay involved in direct hiring process
  • Other costs including salary, benefits, insurance, and equipment are also avoided
  • Greater workforce adaptability
  • Work environment remains unaffected

Arrangements of fixed length of time for employment

Certified Konsult typically offers a faster interview and hiring process because you aren’t making a long-term commitment. This allows your new hire to start as quickly as possible.

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