Staffing based on Projects

In this staffing service, Certified Konsult gives you on-demand assistance to manage recruitment solutions for the short term recruiting projects, and specialised needs without the added overhead for the companies. Our project staffing is especially beneficial for high volume needs within a defined period. 

Our recruiters will analyse your project needs and develop a recruiting strategy to meet the objectives. From basic resources to all the way to a team, we will recruit quality professionals who need to complete the project within the specified time frame.

  • Access scalable resources
  • Timelines and budget management
  • Specialised resources and capabilities
  • Customised Recruitment Plan
  • Dedicated to creating the perfect employment matches for our clients

Recruiting Experts

Staffing plans and Resource management plans are an important part of project resource management. Every project will require resources for executing project activities. There will be a need for both manpower resources and physical resources. The resource requirement for each activity will be estimated. The resources will be acquired during project execution as per the schedule.

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