Why recruit permanent, senior employees or restless millennia’s for short-term projects when a more cost-effective solution is available? Contractual Staffing can work miracles for you. Contractual Staffing Service you can hire skilled talent for specific short-term projects, and since they are managed on OUR payroll, it reduces your cost and liability by a huge percentage! Contractual Staffing has so much to offer. It reduces hiring risks, speeds up your hiring process, increases flexibility and allows you to gain access to highly skilled employees with broad experience.

  • Improvement in Productivity 
  • Cost Reduction 
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Faster Mobilisation 
  • Demobilization of People 
  • WorkForce

Contractual Staffing has so much to offer

Certified Konsult often has a full roster of workers ready and available to work. For any individual business hiring staff directly, recruitment, vetting, internal sign-off etc takes a considerable amount of time. With contract staffing, we will address it and ensure that a client company has employees in place as quickly as possible. 

We provide best in class consultants to help clients in order to bridge the immediate gap of increased capacity of workload. In the areas of specialised skills our services with ‘contract staffing’ can help to augment the capacity and also deliver results without any hassles. The clients can still have their business continuity with their permanent staff with a pair of helping hands from our consultants to save time & money.

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